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Google Photos free unlimited storage is ending soon

Google Photos free unlimited storage is ending soon

Starting June 1, any new photos and videos uploaded to Google’s sharing and storage service will count against the free 15GB of capacity that comes with every Google account (or the additional storage you might have purchased as a Google One member). Notably, Google account storage is shared across Photos,…

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Nintendo Switch lifetime sales close in on PS3, Wii, and PlayStation

Nintendo Switch lifetime sales close in on PS3, Wii, and PlayStation

In its latest financial report, Nintendo revealed it shipped 28.3 million Switch units during the full year, a 37% increase over the 21 million consoles shipped the previous year. That beat Nintendo’s prediction of 26.5 million units, a figure it increased from the prior forecast of 19 million in light of pandemic-induced demand.

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Switch Between Tabs in Any Browser Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Switch Between Tabs in Any Browser Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Browser shortcuts let you surf the web faster and more efficiently. There’s a lot you can do in your browser with shortcuts: re-open closed tabs, change screen/font size, automatically scroll through pages, and so on.

If you jump between tabs using your computer’s trackpad or mouse, using keyboard shortcuts is faster. In this article, we’ll show you how to switch tabs using your keyboard. We’ve compiled the tab navigation shortcuts for some renowned web browsers—Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Brave.

These shortcuts should help you access and manage your tabs more easily. Check them out.

Chrome and Microsoft Edge Tab Shortcuts

These browsers run on the same Chromium engine and share a lot of similarities—although Microsoft Edge is more feature-packed. The keyboard shortcuts listed below perform the same functionalities on Chrome and Edge.

Switch to the Next Tab

To jump to the next tab (on the right) press Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + PgDn on your keyboard. This shortcut works perfectly on Windows devices and other operating systems (e.g Chrome OS on Chromebooks and Linux) with a familiar keyboard layout. 

If you use a macOS powered computer, press Command + Option + Right arrow. This key combination will continually move you one tab to the right.

Switch to a Previous Tab

Want to move back to an open tab (on the left)? Press Ctrl + Shift + Tab (or Ctrl + Page Up) on your Windows or Linux computer.

Command + Option + Left arrow button is the macOS equivalent for jumping to the nearest tab on the left.

Switch to a Specific Tab

Web browsers recognize the first eight tabs from the left as Tab 1 to Tab 8. On Windows and Linux, pressing Ctrl followed by the tab number will take you to the specified tab.

For instance, Ctrl + 1 will open the first tab (from the left) while Ctrl + 5 will take you straight to the fifth tab. You can do this up to Ctrl + 8—which opens the 8th tab. Ctrl + 9 switches to the last tab (farthest to the right), while Ctrl + 0 does nothing.

On a MacBook or iMac, Command + 1 through 8 will land you on the first 8 tabs while Command + 9 instantly opens the last tab on the row.

Firefox Tab Shortcuts

Firefox has a “fancy” tab navigation interface that lets you preview web pages when you switch tabs with a keyboard shortcut.

Switch Forward Between Tabs

On Mac, Linux, and Windows devices, press Ctrl + Tab on Firefox to cycle through open tabs (from left to right).

This shortcut brings up a thumbnail of all active tabs; hold Ctrl and keep pressing Tab to move through the tabs (from left to right). When the highlight lands on the tab’s thumbnail, release the keys to open the tab.

Switch to Previous Tabs

Firefox lets you move one tab to the left when you press Ctrl + Shift + Tab (or Ctrl + Page Down) on your Windows or Linux PC. For Mac, you can use either of these shortcuts: Command + Option + Left arrow button (or Control + Shift + Tab). 

Note that this shortcut is disabled by default on Firefox—because the browser moves through tabs in recently used order. If you want to switch to previous tabs (in a backward sequence), head to Firefox’s Preferences menu and uncheck “Ctrl+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order.”

Switch to a Specific Tab

Firefox also assigns numbers 1 to 8 to the first eight tabs from the left. To switch to any of the first eight tabs, press Alt + 1 to Alt + 8 (on Linux), Control + 1 to Control + 8 (on Windows), or Command + 1 to Command + 8 (on Mac).

If you need to jump to the last tab on Firefox’s Tab Bar, use Alt + 9 (on Linux), Control + 9 (on Windows), or Command + 9 (on Mac).

Safari Tab Shortcuts

If Safari is your go-to web browser, these keyboard shortcuts will reduce the time you spend navigating between tabs by a great deal.

Switch to the Next Tab

Press Control + Tab to jump to the next open tab on the right. Shift + Command + Right Squared bracket ( ] ) is an alternate shortcut that’ll yield a similar result.

Switch to a Previous Tab

These key combinations will take you one step backward and open the tab on the left: Command + Shift + Tab or Shift + Command + Left Squared bracket ( [ ).

Switch to a Specific Tab

Safari also lets you jump directly to the first 8 tabs and the last tab using dedicated shortcuts. Say you have 12 open tabs on Safari, pressing Command + 1 will switch to the 1st tab (from the right), Command + 7 will open the 7th tab, while Command + 3 opens the 3rd. You can do this up to Command + 9, which opens the last or rightmost tab.

If these shortcuts are opening your bookmarks instead, head to Safari’s preferences menu and activate the tab switch option. Open Safari, click the Apple logo on the menu bar and select Preferences. In the Tabs section, check the box next to “Use ⌘-1 to ⌘-9 to switch tabs.”

Return to Safari and check if the shortcuts now switch between tabs and not bookmarks.

Opera Tab Shortcuts

Opera only ships with shortcuts for cycling forward and backward through open tabs and windows. The browser lacks shortcuts for switching to a specific tab.

Switch Between Opera Tabs

On Windows, Linux, and macOS devices, press Control + Tab to move forward to the next tab on the right. On the flip side, Shift + Control + Tab will cycle backward through open tabs.

Switch Between Opera Windows

If you have multiple Opera windows opened on your device, you can move through the windows by pressing Command + Backquote ( ` ) on Mac or Alt + Tab on Windows/Linux.

Advanced Tab Navigation Shortcuts on Opera

Key combinations are swift, but how about switching between tabs using a single key? You can do that with Opera’s advanced keyboard shortcuts. Open Opera’s settings menu and go to Advanced > Browser > Shortcuts and select Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts.

With this option enabled, press 1 on your keyboard to cycle forward through open tabs and press 2 to cycle backward. This works on Mac, Windows, and Linux devices.

There’s an extra advanced tab navigation hotkey for Mac: Control + Backquote ( ` ) lets you alternate between the current and previous tab. Say you switched to the 7th tab from the 2nd tab, this shortcut takes you back to the 7th tab. Pressing the key combination again opens the 2nd tab.

Brave Tab Shortcuts

Brave is one of many alternative browsers that’s fast gaining traction for being relatively faster and more secure than Chrome and Firefox. Read our comprehensive review of the (Brave) browser to decide whether you want to give it a try or not.

If you’re already a Brave user, here are some keyboard shortcuts that’ll help improve your tab navigation speed.

Switch to the Next Tab

For macOS-powered devices, press the Command + Option + Right arrow keys to jump to the next open tab on the right. If you have a Windows or Linux machine, the shortcuts to use are Control + Tab or Control + Page Down.

Switch to the Previous Tab

The default shortcuts to jump one tab to the left on Windows and Linux devices are Control + Shift + Tab or Control + Page Up. On Mac, use the Command + Option + Left arrow key.

Switch to a Specific Tab on Brave

You can cycle through the 1st and 8th tab using Control + 1 through Control + 8 (on Windows/Linux) or Command + 1 through Command + 8 (on macOS).

Command + 9 will take you to the last tab on Mac while Control + 9 will do the same on Windows/Linux.

Reach Your Destination Tab in No Time

Mastering these shortcuts to switch tabs using your keyboard might be difficult at first, but you’ll surely get accustomed to them when used frequently. Incorporate these shortcuts into your daily web surfing routine and you’ll become a shortcut ninja in no time.

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The Best Online Calculators to Solve Any Problem

The Best Online Calculators to Solve Any Problem

A calculator is for more than just solving basic math problems. You can rely on online calculators to figure out scientific programs, determine loan amounts, and much more. The key is finding the right calculator for the right problem.

A proper calculator can cost hundreds of dollars, but many of these online calculators are completely free to use. This list compiles the best online calculators for a variety of different applications to help you make the right choice.

The Best Online Scientific Calculators

These calculators can be used for everything from advanced mathematics to scientific equations.

Desmos Scientific

Desmos is a free-to-use calculator that provides easy access to primary functions, variables, and trigonometric calculations. You can control it through both the keyboard and with a mouse. 

Meta Calculator

The Meta Calculator contains all of the basic functions, but includes a few features that make it stand out from the crowd. One of these is the ability to calculate the least common multiple, as well as an equation solver that lets you input up to six equations. You can also store calculations for future use. 


GeoGebra offers a variety of math-focused calculators to solve graphing problems, geometry, and much more. It displays a graph on screen to help you see exactly how the equation plays out. You can also choose between function input, variables, and much more. 

Best Online Calculators For Loans

If you plan to get a loan for a house or car, use one of these online calculators to help determine what your overall interest will be.


Bankrate is one of the foremost companies in the field. Just enter your loan amount, term, and interest rate per year to get an estimate of how much you will pay in interest. 


Nerdwallet is a major destination for people seeking financial information, so it’s not surprising it would have one of best loan calculators. Just enter the amount, the term in either years or months, interest rate, and type of loan to get an estimate of the amount you will pay. 


CreditKarma is good for more than just catchy TV jingles. The website has a loan calculator that takes the normal variables into account, but also your credit score. This gives you a more accurate estimate for what you’ll pay in interest and principal over the years.

The Best Online Calculators for Retirement

If you plan to retire, you need to know what kind of monthly cash flow to expect.

Fidelity Retirement Calculator

Fidelity offers one of the most effective retirement calculators. It asks you six basic questions to help determine the current state of your retirement policy and tells you how much you need per month to maintain your current way of life, as well as what you should invest each month.

Ultimate Retirement Calculator

The Ultimate Retirement Calculator requests a huge amount of information, such as your age, when you plan to retire, and even your life expectancy. It then asks about your current savings, what your desired annual retirement income is, and projects the amount you will need to invest each month to reach that standard of living. 

Best Online Calculators for Statistics

If you need to calculate the statistics of a sample or set of data, try one of these online calculators.

CalculatorSoup Statistics Calculator

This calculator is simple and straightforward. Choose whether the data set is a sample or a population and enter the information. It also provides equations regarding how to find the minimum, the maximum, and more. 

Good Calculators Statistics Calculator

The Good Calculators Statistics Calculator is a much more in-depth and complex calculator, but it provides a pie chart that demonstrates the top values once the data has been processed. If you have a complicated statistics problem, this is the best option.

Best Online Calculator for Calories

Trying to lose weight or bulk up? Try one of these calculators to determine how many calories you need (or don’t need!)

FreeDieting Caloric Calculator

This calculator makes it easy to determine how many calories you need per day to either lose weight, gain weight, or maintain. Just enter your age, gender, current weight, height, and exercise level. You can also choose which formula you want to use to perform the calculations, as well as whether you want results in calories or kilojoules. 


MyFitnessPal is more than just a calculator–it’s an entire platform where you can track your calories, exercise, and more. The calorie tracking tool helps to automatically determine how many calories you’ve eaten and even the macronutrients you’ve taken in. 

Best Online Calculators for Algebra

Algebra and math sometimes feel like two different fields. Calculus is difficult due to the amount of algebra included. If you need some help, try one of these online calculators. 

Symbolab Algebra Calculator

The Symbolab Algebra Calculator makes it easy to perform many advanced algebraic tasks. The calculator has a quick-access tab for the most used actions like simplify, solve for, and other common word-problem terms, as well as an equation builder.

Math Papa Algebra Calculator

The Math Papa algebra calculator is the best choice for anyone that wants to depict algebra in the most simplified terms possible. Rather than using complex equations and symbols, just type out the equation and receive a step-by-step explanation of how to solve it. 

Best Online Calculators for Trigonometry

Trigonometry can be difficult, especially if you aren’t confident in your geometry skills. These trigonometry calculators will help you solve for sine everytime.

Step-by-Step Trigonometry Calculator

One of the key components of trigonometry is the multiple steps to the equations. If you do not have the right answer at one step, you’ll mess up the rest. This calculator walks you through how to solve almost any trigonometry problem and explains how to do it. It’s like an online tutor.

Microsoft Math Solver

This calculator not only solves trigonometry problems, but it also explains the concepts and provides videos you can watch to help you better understand the math. It’s an easy to use calculator, too–just click the operations and enter the numbers.

When faced with math, it’s a good idea to know how to do it without a calculator, but you can certainly use a computer to help you double-check your answers. 

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