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10 Cool Tech Gifts for Movie Lovers

10 Cool Tech Gifts for Movie Lovers

If you know someone that absolutely loves movies, your go-to gift for them might be a Blu-ray or a DVD. Spice things up a bit this year with some truly creative, inventive gifts for movie lovers that they’ll remember for years to come. 

QKK Portable Movie Projector

Everyone has that one friend that absolutely loves to show movies. If you know someone who would benefit, check out the QKK Portable Movie Projector. This projector is just $90 and is a highly rated option on Amazone.

The projector itself is small, but has a max screen size of 170 inches at 1080p HD. It connects with everything from Roku Sticks to game consoles (which means that you can play video games blown up to a huge size too.) With 50,000 hours of life in the bulb, this is a great gift for someone that would love to show movies on the big screen in their own home. 

Inflatable Movie Screen

For the ultimate at-home viewing experience, a backyard party is best–and for that, you need an inflatable movie screen. The Khomo Gear 20-foot inflatable screen is designed with the outdoors in mind, but you can use it indoors too. The set comes with an electric blower, 12 feet of rope, plastic stakes to tie it down, and a carrying bag.

The result is a screen that is 13 feet by 8 feet at a 16:9 aspect ratio. It takes less than five minutes to inflate, so you can have a movie night in no time at all. Just be aware that this is not designed for prolonged exposure to moisture, so bring it inside at night when you have finished watching movies.

Ultimate Movie Night Care Package

It’s not a night at the movies without delicious, overpriced snacks–but you can recreate that experience without the “overpriced” part. The Ultimate Movie Night Care Package from Redbox includes a huge variety of different snacks, as well as a Redbox Rental Code. This package is everything a movie lover needs to enjoy a night at home.

Best of all, the gift is only $26. That includes ten different kinds of snacks, a Redbox rental code, and popcorn. 

Roku Premiere

Streaming is the new way to watch all your favorite movies and shows. While Blu-ray can still provide a superior experience, sometimes you don’t have to go to all the effort to find the disc and get it started. The Roku Premiere provides a 4K streaming experience from all your favorite services, including Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and more. 

You can even search for paid movies on Roku across a variety of sources and easily see what the most affordable options for watching a movie are. The easy and attractive Roku interface is an ideal gift for movie lovers that will appeal to almost any user, and especially those want to forgo the difficulties that come with smart TVs.

MUBI Gift Subscription

Mubi is a niche movie streaming service with a focus on art films. Every day the service introduces a new “Film of the Day,” a particular movie from a particular genre that highlights what makes that genre fantastic. Movies rotate periodically through Mubi, but viewers will never lack for something to watch.

Mubi has films from all over the world. It also shows foreign language films, filmmaker retrospectives, and much more. It is the ultimate service for a movie buff. 

Vizio SB2920 Soundbar

Half the experience of a film on a home theatre is the sound, but sub-par speakers in a TV aren’t good enough. On the other hand, no one needs to spend hundreds of dollars on a surround sound system. Soundbars can provide an equal experience without breaking the bank.

The Vizio SB2920 is an affordable, gift-friendly soundbar that will enhance anyone’s viewing experience whether they are watching a movie, streaming their favorite show on Netflix, or trying to get a leg up on the competition in Call of Duty. 

Godzilla: The Showa-Era Films

A standard Blu-ray or DVD is kind of a boring gift, but a collector’s edition of a classic film is a great gift for movie lovers. This Godzilla collection shows the Showa-Era films, or those from 1954 to 1975. It comes in a special case with a deluxe hardcover book with 15 films. 

In addition to the movies, viewers can watch interviewers with the writers and directors, listen with an English-language dub track, watch new English subtitle translations, and even see the Japanese-only version of King Kong vs Godzilla. This collection will be at home on the shelf of any Kaiju movie fan. 

West Bend Theater-Style Popcorn Machine

The look of a classic movie theater popcorn machine creates a lot of nostalgia in people. Why not recreate that feeling with one at home? The West Bend Theater-Style Popcorn Machine looks just like the one you might have seen behind the ticket counter at an older theater.

It makes between five and six servings of popcorn in just minutes–perfect for those movie viewing parties with friends. It’s also easy to clean up and just looks cool. 

Smart Lights

Smart lights can tap into the colors of your TV and display ambient lighting behind it, capturing the moments on screen and making them seem like they are escaping the confines of your TV. A good smart light strip can increase immersion and make a viewing experience better than before.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

It’s a well-known fact that the best way to pass time on a long trip is by watching a movie, but nothing ruins the experience faster than someone talking loudly beside you. If you know a movie buff that travels a lot, they will appreciate a set of noise cancelling headphones that will let them watch their favorite films in peace.

This set of headphones from Sony is normally $200, but during the holiday season they are marked down–perfect for a gift that will see a lot of use throughout the year ahead. 

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Arm's Cortex-A78C is a powerful new processor core for laptops

Arm's Cortex-A78C is a powerful new processor core for laptops

About four years ago, Microsoft announced that they were partnering with Qualcomm to bring the full Windows 10 experience to Arm-based mobile processors. It’s been a bit of a rocky ride since then: eventually, Windows-on-Arm devices began to appear, and although they upheld the promise of incredible battery life, they…

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How To Appear Offline On Steam

How To Appear Offline On Steam

Sometimes, you just want to game in peace. It’s understandable. When you open Steam to play a game, though, you’ll see your profile will be set to Online. This may prompt any number of your friends to barrage you with messages or invites to join a game.

So, how can you get onto Steam and play your games incognito? There’s actually a really simple way to do this, by altering your Online status so that you appear Offline on Steam. Here’s how to do it, and some things you should know.

Change Your Status to Offline on Steam

You’ll have to appear online for at least as long as it takes you to change your status, as there’s no way to set yourself to offline before you launch Steam (unless you’re in Offline Mode, described below). Once you launch Steam, follow these steps to quickly appear offline.

  1. In the top-right corner, click on Friends
  1. From the drop-down list, select Offline.

You’ll see that there are some other options you can choose from to set as your status. When you set your status to offline, other players won’t see you as online and you’ll be signed out of the Steam community. This means you can’t send messages to friends or use other features where you need to be online. 

There’s another option, called Invisible, that you can also choose from. This allows you to appear offline to others, but you can still send and receive messages, see your friends list, or do other actions within the Steam community. So, depending on whether you want to truly be offline or not, you can choose either and you’ll still appear that offline. 

There’s also the Away and Do Not Disturb options. Away simply acts as a message that you’re unavailable, and your status is changed to this automatically if you’ve been inactive for a certain amount of time. 

When Do Not Disturb is on, you won’t receive notifications from chats or other requests. This can be a good option if you’re streaming or recording some gameplay. 

Switching Your Account to Offline Mode

There is a difference between simply setting your account to appear offline on Steam, and putting your account into what is called Offline Mode. This allows you to play your Steam games without being connected to the Steam network at all. So if you want to play Steam games without having access to any of the community aspects, this may be the option you’re looking for. 

Before setting your account to Offline Mode, you’ll want to make sure all your games are completely updated. This is so the game will be able to start in Offline Mode without needing to be connected to the Steam network for updates. You’ll want to start your games at first while you’re online to make sure no updates are needed.

Then, go to Steam > Settings > Account and unselect Don’t save account credentials on this computer. Make sure your log-in information is set to Remember my password as well.

Then follow these steps: 

  1. In the upper right corner of the Steam window, go to Steam > Go Offline
  1. Select Restart In Offline Mode to have Steam restart. 

When playing games in Offline Mode, you’ll want to be sure the games you play don’t need an active connection, or they won’t work. You’ll also want to periodically go back online to make sure your games are updated. You can do this similarly to going into Offline Mode:

  1. In the upper right corner of the window, go to Steam > Go Online.
  1. Restart Steam in order to go back online and be connected to the Steam network again.

You can also launch Steam in Offline Mode without opening the program at all on Windows, if you wish to do so. 

  1. Go to your Control Panel, and select Network and Internet > Network Connections.
  1. Select your Wi-Fi or whatever you are using to connect to your internet.
  1. Near the top of the window, select Disable this network device.
  1. Launch Steam. It’ll notify you that you can’t connect to Steam’s network, and will give you the option to start Steam in Offline Mode. Then, you can play your games offline. 

Offline Mode is a good option if you want to appear offline on Steam for an extended period of time, or you want to play games without an internet connection. However, don’t get these two mixed up, because they don’t function the same way. 

Appearing Offline and Offline Mode

When your status only appears offline, you’ll still be connected to the Steam network, and your games can still update. This is important for your games to work properly. If you’re in Offline Mode and a game needs to be updated, you won’t be able to play it. 

There are pros and cons to each and times when you might want to use one over the other. If you’re appearing offline, you’ll seem that way to those who look at your status, but you’ll still be connected to the Steam network. However, the Steam community will be unavailable. 

It’s better to use this feature most of the time, because your games can still download and update properly. If you’re a big fan of multiplayer games, you’ll still be able to play them while appearing offline too. You can also easily set your status back online quickly without having to restart Steam. 

But, if you experience limited internet connection or aren’t in a place where you have any, Offline Mode can help you play your games anyway. Both options work, it’s just up to you what kind of experience you want. 

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How to Clip on Twitch

How to Clip on Twitch

Twitch is full of intense, fun, and hilarious moments that are incredibly share-worthy. That’s why you have Clips. Clips is a Twitch feature designed to help you deal with those very instances.

With Clips, Twitch lets you create short video snippets (or clips) of whatever it is that you’re watching. It even enables you to edit your takes, which means you can nail down the exact moments you want to capture. 

Sharing obviously plays a major role in this feature. Besides letting you push your clips via social media or directly as links, Twitch will also publish them for everyone to see. 

If you are yet to create your first Twitch clip, then this guide will walk you through how to clip on Twitch. The feature is baked into both the desktop and mobile versions of Twitch so you can start clipping on any device.

That said, you will come across channels that require you to be a subscriber or a follower before you can start creating clips. Some channels may even have the Clips feature disabled completely.

How to Clip On Twitch – Windows and Mac

You can capture, trim, and share clips in Twitch while streaming content on the PC and Mac via the Twitch desktop app or the browser-based web app.

1. Start playing a live stream or a previous broadcast in Twitch. If you use Twitch on your web browser, make sure you’re signed in to your Twitch account before proceeding.

2. Whenever you come across something that you want to clip, hover the cursor over the video. Then, select the Clip icon to the bottom-right of the pane.

Tip: Use the Alt+X (Windows) or the Option+X (Mac) keyboard shortcut to start clipping faster.

3. A new Twitch pop-up window or browser tab should open and load the clip creation screen. Use the handles within the timeline to trim the video anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds—you have 90 seconds of footage to work with.

Note: If you exit the window or browser tab, Twitch will automatically publish the final 30 seconds of captured footage.

4. Insert a title. The clip will go public, so try to make it catchy. Then, select Publish

5. Select the Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit icons to share the clip on social media. If you want to grab a direct link to the clip, select the Copy to clipboard icon instead.

You can also use the Embed (</>) icon to insert the video into a website.

How to Clip On Twitch – Android and iOS

If you have the Twitch app installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can clip, trim, and share videos just like on desktop. But, you can also share them before making any edits should you want.

1. Start playing a live stream or a previous broadcast.

2. Whenever you want to clip something, briefly tap the video. Then, tap the Clip icon to the top-right of the pane.

3. You have two options. You can immediately share 30 seconds of footage using the share options at the bottom of the Create Clip screen. Or, you can tap Preview and Edit to trim the video clip. Let’s assume that you select the latter. 

Note: If you share or exit the Create Clip screen, Twitch will automatically publish a 30-second clip.

4. Tap Trim Clip. Follow this by using the handles within the timeline to trim the video. Tap Done to confirm your edits.

5. Name the clip, and then tap Publish.

6. You are now back within the Create Clip screen in step 3. Select Share Clip if you want to send out a link to the clip via any instant messaging app on your device. 

If you want to share the video via Twitch’s built-in chat service, select the Share via Whisper option. Or, tap Copy link to copy a link of the clip to the clipboard.

How to Manage Clips on Twitch

Twitch automatically publishes all clips that you create publicly. You can find them underneath the Clips section of the respective channels. However, it’s hard to spot them among clips from other Twitch users.

If you want to manage your clips, your best bet is to use the Clips Manager. Not only does it allow you to re-share or delete your clips, but you can also choose to download any clip locally.

However, you can only open the Clips Manager using a web browser. 

1. Head over to Twitch’s Creator Dashboard ( and sign into your Twitch account. 

2. Expand Content within the left navigation pane of the Creator Dashboard and select Clips to access the Clips Manager. You should then see all clips that you’ve created to date. 

3. Select a clip, and you can watch, delete, rename, or share it. You will also see a Download icon listed among the Share options. It allows you to grab a copy in the MP4 format. You can’t edit your clips, however.

You can filter clips by category or channel using the search bar to the right of Clips Manager. If you broadcast on Twitch, you can also view clips that others have created of your videos by selecting the radio button next to Clips of My Channel.

Start Clipping

With Twitch Clips, you don’t just capture and share stuff, but you also provide streamers with exposure to their content. Avoid spamming with the feature and use it wisely.

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Tesla is selling $250 bottles of tequila

Tesla is selling $250 bottles of tequila

On April 1, 2018, Musk joked about Tesla filing for bankruptcy and the CEO being found passed out surrounded by “Teslaquilla” bottles. He teased the upcoming drink a few months later, along with a visual approximation of the bottle, which now looks very different. That tweet incurred the wrath of…

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