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ChromeOS Cherry A Slimmer Chrome OS That Supports More Hardware by britec

Google Chrome OS, the Operating System being currently built by Google for people who would like to work in the cloud has been in the wild as public test builds. It wasnt isnt that easy to get Google Chrome OS running on your machine keeping in mind the limited hardware support, and the relative complexity to get it installed.

However if you still want to try out Google Chrome OS, dont fret Chrome OS Diet is here. The biggest change is the 300 MB download, a far cry from the 8 GB that real Chrome OS consumes. The small download size means that Diet Chromium OS much easier to get hold of.

Diet Chrome was built by developer Hexxeh in his free time. Whats even better is that hes managed to add some more hardware support in his builds, which means the chances of Chrome OS working smooth on your system is even greater.
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