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View Windows 7 Startup Program List with Startup Discoverer by britec

Windows 7 has several ways to start applications & programs automatically commonly referred as startup locations.

A tight control over startup programs can save you from viruses & malicious programs. Manually keeping check of windows 7 startup locations could be cumbersome task and many dont know all Windows 7 startup locations.

Here is nifty app Startup Discoverer which can retrieve list of programs added into startup locations of Windows 7. You can view program list based on startup category like machine runs, user runs etc.

The main interface has 19 categories that you can click on to get the auto start programs list for each category. Blue category label means that there are auto programs in this category, black label means empty category.

Click on Show All Runs to view full list of Startup programs.

It is also possible to save a list as a text file and to print the a list to the default printer.